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During my years growing up as an only child near Columbus, Indiana, I thought that life was all about school, sports, friends, and fun. I remember going to church occasionally, mostly on Christmas Eve. I believed in God, but, to be honest, I didn’t give Him much thought and didn’t see why I needed to. He seemed too big, too distant, and irrelevant.

I spent most of my high school years acquiring hurt in my heart that just kept getting heavier and harder to carry on my own. I tried seeking satisfaction and security in various vessels: food, guys, alcohol, and the list could carry on and on. Everything would leave me emptier, more insecure, and more disappointed.

At the beginning of my senior year of high school, one of my best friends, Ashley, another current member of the Columbus Church Plant launch team, invited me to go to youth group with her at a local church in Columbus. There I was taught that Jesus wanted a relationship with me! This was a foreign concept, but it was 100% beautiful and compelling. As I continued going to this youth group and learning about the gospel, God opened my eyes to the fact that He loved me. Not only did He love me, but He also wanted me. He didn’t want a perfect version of me, but He really wanted me. All of me: broken, messy, and imperfect.

It was then that I made a decision to put my faith in Jesus. Although I didn’t have all of the answers about God, my Christian friends helped me discover more about this glorious Jesus who made a way for me to be in relationship with the God of the universe.

My favorite thing about having a relationship with Jesus is that He always wants to be with me. Nothing is too big or too weighty to bring to Him. Jesus has shown me that He can free me from my burdens and carry my struggles for me. My life is a testament to the fact that God is a healer. He has freed me from my past, and I am a new creation with a new heart in Him. Each and every day, I look to Him for my satisfaction and joy, and I promise He provides! I long to spend my life extending to others the love that Jesus has so graciously lavished on me.

Hope For Athens Church

That we would be a people seeking and savoring our satisfaction in Jesus and that we would realize the only one who can satisfy our souls is the One who created them.

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Aaron Lentz

Aaron Lentz is the Lead Pastor of Athens Church in Columbus, IN. He is the Husband to Cora and Father to Everett. He counts it as a joy to be able to pastor this church in his home town.