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I grew up in a Catholic family that believed in God and His truths, but we only went to church on special events and Christian holidays. The main purpose of attending church was more for a “feel good” feeling. I understood about 5% of the things that were said in church, and I didn’t know what the responses meant nor did I care about it, since we rarely attended. Growing up I always knew God was there, but I didn’t have a relationship of any sort with Him. My parents prayed regularly, and I prayed as much as I could before going to bed as a kid. Going into high school I was still living in sin, and I wasn’t the person I knew I was supposed to be. When I was 17 I began to realize I needed to be closer to God, and I felt called to join the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes group that met in the mornings. I really enjoyed this group, but it still didn’t change the way I lived my life.

After I graduated high school, I was invited to a college small group Bible study. There was a moment that night when I realized that I needed a personal relationship with Christ. When worship began and we sang “For His returning, we watch and we pray. We will be ready, the dawn of that day,” God revealed to me My desperate need for Him. I was filled with joy because I knew that He was all I needed.

After that revelation, I began attending church and continued attending the college small group. I sought the Lord and learned about the truths I thought I already knew. My life completely changed. It was made clear to me that I had a purpose in my life: to bring glory to Jesus’s name. My life is far from perfect, but I know now that I am made perfect in Him.

Hope for Athens Church

That God would use this church to awaken people in Columbus to His glory and the salvation He offers through His son Jesus Christ. 

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Aaron Lentz

Aaron Lentz is the Lead Pastor of Athens Church in Columbus, IN. He is the Husband to Cora and Father to Everett. He counts it as a joy to be able to pastor this church in his home town.