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After many months of brainstorming, designing, creating, and editing we’re proud to introduce to you a new website for Columbus Church Plant. As we get closer to launching this church we believe it to be vitally important for us to begin to excel in communication through all means possible. With the Internet being one of the primary ways people receive information, we see it as essential, even at this stage of our church, to create our own website and build up a team that will minister to and shepherd our flock through communication.

What’s the Point?

We always have one aim, and we hope you see that more clearly as you begin to get more involved with Columbus Church Plant. Our ultimate goal is that you and I would continually be awakened to God and His glory, that we would see God for who He is and what He has done, is doing, and will do. We want you to know Jesus and find life in Him. We want you to see that Christ has invited you to a church, to a people, to know Him more, enjoy Him more, and thus glorify Him more.

So with this new website and with all our means of communication we have 3 hopes for you when you find content from Columbus Church Plant:

1. To be Informed

Informed on what’s going on. Informed on upcoming events. Informed on what we believe and, most importantly, informed about Jesus and His written Word.

2. To be Connected

Connected to life and ministry at Columbus Church. Connected to membership. Connected to biblical community. Connected to service and, most importantly, connected to Jesus.

3. To be Shepherded

We want to enter in and care for you. We want to weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. We want to converse with you, we want to care for you, and we want to pray for you. We want to provide counsel, encouragement, and truth.

It is our prayer and hope that even in this season prior to launching you would begin to feel informed, connected and shepherded.

What’s New?

In short, a lot. We have added a lot of pages, features, and functions in order to care for those visiting our site. Take a look at all that’s new below:

  • Home Page: When you visit the site, you will most likely arrive at the Home Page. The home page includes a full-width slider to communicate important information. Below the slider you will see action boxes that encourage you to read, give, subscribe, attend and get involved with all that is happening with Columbus Church Plant. On the Home Page you will also find a short letter welcoming you to the site.
  • News Page: Each week we plan to add a News post that will hopefully bless you, encourage you, or inform you. These could be blogs, life stories, updates, etc…
  • Beliefs Page: It has been said that one of the most important things about you is what you believe about God. The Beliefs Page will show you what we believe at Columbus Church Plant.
  • Life Stories Page: This page serves as a place where we can share our stories of how Jesus brought us from death to life. These are stories of God’s grace in our lives. May this page be used as a place where God is seen to be more beautiful, more treasurable, and more desirable than anyone or anything else.
  • Recommended Resources Page: We live in one of the most resourceful times in history where we have access to such amazing biblically-saturated content. It is important to us that we assist you in finding great books, apps, podcasts, and music.
  • Give Page: The Give Page is one of my favorite pages that we have designed. We currently have 4 easy ways for you to give to support the launch of Columbus Church Plant. They include: Giving Online, Giving in Person, Giving by Check and Giving by Automatic Bill Pay.
  • Events Page: Never want to miss an event? Now you won’t have to with the Events Page. More events can be found on this page as we get closer to the Fall.
  • Contact Us Page: If you have a question, or if you’re merely looking to contact us, then you can find all our contact information on this page.
  • Newsletters: The website isn’t our only means of communication; we also have a newsletter that we send out each month to your email that will assist in keeping you informed about all that is going on at Columbus Church Plant. You can sign up for the newsletter here: Subscribe to the Newsletter
  • Social Media: One of the loudest and continual means of communication is through social media. We have a number of social accounts for you to connect with, so you’ll never miss a beat with all that is going on at Columbus Church Plant. They include the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s Next?

In the coming months, we will begin to ramp up more and more content such as blog posts, position papers, events, and ways for you to connect to the life and ministry here at Columbus Church Plant. I’m also excited to announce that in the coming months we will be sharing with you the name of this church. So be on the look out for that. The website is a continual work in progress, but aren’t we all.  We hope and pray that this website will bless you by informing and inviting you to participate and join us in what the Lord is doing in Columbus, Indiana. Thanks for taking a minute to read this post and learn about the website and our other avenues of communication.

About the Author

Aaron Lentz

Aaron Lentz is the Lead Pastor of Athens Church in Columbus, IN. He is the Husband to Cora and Father to Everett. He counts it as a joy to be able to pastor this church in his home town.